Everyone wants solutions to their problems – improved happiness, stronger relationships, a better community, a better job – and yet, when it comes to taking the steps to achieve these realities, many people have a hard time taking action, or even knowing where to start. Because it can be so tough to get started on […]

There’s something about the summer that makes people feel good. It could be the sunshine, the warm air, or maybe just the prospect of summer vacations and the longest days of the year! Whatever the cause, summer is the time for fun in the sun – but that’s not all – summer can be the […]

This year was our sixth annual family camping trip (or as we call it our “glamping trip” since the tents come with a bed and heaters!) to El Capitan Canyon, near Santa Barbara, California. We so enjoy this opportunity to be with loved ones in a beautiful setting. And there’s a lot of loved ones! […]

You know that 80 year old couple that’s dancing at the wedding that clearly adore each other and still look madly in love.  Well, those people will tell you that they were not madly in love everyday for the last 60 years.  In fact, there were many times when they wanted to toss their partner […]

Every year, couples bend over backwards to make restaurant reservations, purchase gifts and candies, and plan extravagant dates to show their love to one another on Valentine’s Day. The unfortunate reality, however, is that the financial strain and general stress that comes with grandiose celebration can have a negative impact on the actual enjoyment of […]

The holidays are supposed to be a time for togetherness, love, family, and fun. All of the other stuff, stressing about presents or travel plans, preparing meals or putting out decorations, is extra – and not worth sacrificing the things that really make the holidays special. It can be a stressful time of year, there’s […]

Warm weather is upon us! Now that the days are nice and long, and the sun is generally shining, there’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors with your spouse. Making a point to spend time together is of the utmost importance, as we’ve said before, and the nice weather is all the more reason […]

Here’s the movie (or romance novel) version of what happy couples do: they always laugh at each other’s jokes, they cook dinner together, they fly off to romantic getaways at a moment’s notice and they have lots and lots of great sex (by the way, they never change diapers or do laundry). The real-life version looks […]

Here’s the next video in our blog series “Dr. Dana Answers Your Questions.”  This week’s question is from Donna and she’s already heard from Dr. Dana how important quality time alone with your spouse is to a marriage but she’s not quite sure how to do that to really reconnect. She asks: “What are you […]