Here's the next video in our blog series “Dr. Dana Answers Your Questions.” This week’s question is from Donna and she’s already heard from Dr. Dana how important quality time alone with your spouse is to a marriage but she’s not quite sure how to do that to really reconnect. She asks: “What are you supposed to do during alone time?”

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  • kim

    What do you do when they don't even want to have alone time with you

  • Carla Miller

    I'm a 53 year old woman and my significate other left me last Wednesday after 11 years together. It seems like we argue constantly over small things. She's very outgoing and I use to be,but I got sick and its like we have nothing in common anymore. I so want to fix this, but she won't talk to me at all. What can I do? She's ask me to give her time, but in the mean time she's living elsewhere. HELP!!!

  • guest

    my wife said its over and its to late now what can I do to try to make it work I now what the problems are and I need to fix them

    • Mike_Olsen_SMN

      Hi Guest, it's hard to say without knowing the details, but if these problems have been ongoing for a while and been ignored, she is going to need time to deal with them. The best you can do it not tell her you will fix the issue, but to actually just fix it. We often recommend writing a letter to your spouse, telling him why you love them, and telling them what you are working on changing. Show her your plan.

      • guest

        thanks for your advice i will do that and cross my fingers for the best i felled to give her the love and attention she deserves but what gets me is that why didn't she just come out and say something like hey buddy remember me iam still here but i guess im supposed to know that but anyway thanks for your advice

  • guest

    and how do I get her to let me prove that I can change for the best

  • eric

    Ok my wife wants a divorce and she thinks im cheating and i am not very intimate in bed with her and she thinks i dont love her but i just like being around her what can i do

  • lost

    after 5 year affair, he ended it because the friendship between him and my husband and I were to much. he never asked me to choose, but I feel I would have chosen him. now I find out he has a gf, and the emptiness is killing me. what do I do, when I don't feel the connection to my husband any more?

  • Molly J

    I lost respect and love for my husband. Thus theses are things I need to try and regain.