Warm weather is upon us! Now that the days are nice and long, and the sun is generally shining, there’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors with your spouse. Making a point to spend time together is of the utmost importance, as we’ve said before, and the nice weather is all the more reason to spend that time out of the house!

There are plenty of great sunny day (or evening) activities that you and your spouse can enjoy, and the benefits are incredible! These are just a few suggestions, feel free to come up with your own:

• Go for a walk

• Go for a bike ride

• Explore a state park

• Visit an outdoor public pool

• Team up on gardening or yard work

• Go golfing

• Go kayaking

You may notice a trend with these activities, that they all involve getting out of the house and moving around. This is where those additional benefits fit in. When you spend time together, you are strengthening your relationship by getting to know one another better. Conversation and being in each other’s company will help your relationship on an emotional and psychological level, but getting in some outdoor activity together can strengthen your marriage on a physical level too.

Exercise has a direct impact on your sex life, and it’s easy to understand why. At the most basic level, exercise increases the performance of your arteries. This means more blood flow throughout your body, including the parts you use in the bedroom. More blood flow translates into stronger arousal, and more enjoyment for you and your spouse.

Getting your blood pumping will even have direct, short-term benefits. Exercise helps to release endorphins, which makes getting in the mood that much easier after a good workout, especially if you and your spouse are doing the exercising together. It also helps flexibility.

For men, regular exercise also boosts testosterone levels, helps combat erectile dysfunction, and increases stamina.

Beyond the direct relationship between exercise and sexual function, physical activity can have some other benefits for your marriage. Making an effort to get outside and moving can help you shed extra pounds, give you more energy, and generally boost your self confidence – all things that are commonly desired among married couples. Besides, when you’re exercising together you accomplish two things: you keep each other motivated and you stay on even ground – both of you are working to improve the physical component of your marriage.

This summer, make a point to get outside and get some exercise. It doesn’t have to be drudgery in the gym or some intense workout program. The activities listed above (and other fun ideas like them) are perfect light exercise that can also be fun! You and your spouse can spend time together, get some exercise, and enjoy every minute of it!

Did I mention that being in the sun makes you feel great too?

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