Different aspects of our health are closely linked. A better feeling body generally results in a more stable mental state. One aspect of psychological or emotional stability/fulfillment will likely carry over into others. Marriage is associated with psychological well-being, with healthy relationships reducing the amount of stress and depression in people’s lives. This makes perfect […]

It comes as no surprise that materialism is bad for you, and therefore bad for your marriage. When you focus on material possessions it becomes easy to lose touch with what really matters. Research shows that materialistic people tend to be more depressed and anxious, neither of which are good for your marriage. In a […]

In WebMd’s article, “Why Women Cheat: Insights in common reasons why women have affairs,” by Tammy Worth, Tammy looks at the various reasons women may participate in extramarital affairs. Thea discusses the differences inherent in men and women and what drives them to cheat. She profiles one Thea, who turned to Internet Dating site, Ashley […]

Kenneth A. Crouch has presented a scholarly study from the University of Connecticut, that spans 40 years – the umbrella of which covers more than 2,000 women. The study, which was performed in collaboration with the Social Security Administration, analyzed the economic impact of divorce – specifically on women. Read the article here and learn […]

According to a research study from the University of Rochester, this may very well be the case. Published online August 22 in Health Psychology, a publication of the American Psychological Association, the study shows that the long term survival rates of patients that receive coronary surgery increases when the patient is in a supportive, happy […]

Do you fight about money all the time? Do you resent each other even when you don’t talk about it? Do you feel as if you are no longer a team? Are you unsure what to do about this? Having a Marriage Plan Now it’s time to talk about money – an especially touchy subject, […]

Are you tired of feeling hurt all the time? Do you feel as if the sadness and anger is tearing you up inside? Do you want to stop the pain but don’t know how? Get Past the Pain By Learning to Forgive To begin a discussion on Forgiveness, we must first understand and acknowledge that […]

Does your marriage feel like more of a burden than a blessing?  Do you find yourself fighting with endlessly?  Do you want to know how to end the fighting once and for all and know how to be happy again?  You’re not alone.  But get ready, Dr. Fillmore’s got a lot to say on fighting […]

Despite their many quirky, strange and failed marriages, the Beatles did get one thing (though they may not have applied it) right about marriage. “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” This is, in fact, the Golden Rule of Marriage: You must give in your marriage what […]