Love of Money May Mess Up Your Marriage

It comes as no surprise that materialism is bad for you, and therefore bad for your marriage. When you focus on material possessions it becomes easy to lose touch with what really matters. Research shows that materialistic people tend to be more depressed and anxious, neither of which are good for your marriage.

In a new study at Brigham Young University, researcher Jason Carrol studied a range of couples, finding that the highest rate of problems exist where both partners are highly materialistic. Out of the 1,700 couples interviewed, nearly 20% were made up of two materialists.

Don’t let the desire for material possessions get in the way of your relationship. As Carrol says,

“I think it’s about people stepping back and taking an inventory of their values and what really is important to them. Are we allowing some of our materialistic ambitions to get in the way of things that really, at the core, matter a lot to us?”

Read more about the ways materialism can impact your relationship here.

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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