What Does St. Patricks Day Have to Do With Love?

While these two things might not seem terribly related, there’s a lot more to St. Patrick’s Day than many people realize!

In fact, one of the key parts of the St. Patrick legend is that he was proposed to by St. Bridget – who complained that women were tired of waiting for proposals and took matters into her own hands (quite the bold move for the traditions of the times)!

What Does St. Patricks Day Have to Do With Love?
What Does St. Patricks Day Have to Do With Love?

St. Patrick’s Day is also considered the luckiest day of the year to get married (or since you’re already married – maybe it’s just a lucky day to celebrate the union you share with your spouse!).

It doesn’t end there, though. With the “kiss me, I’m Irish” theme of the holiday, as well as the honorary Irishdom of those celebrating the holiday – there should be plenty of smooches to go around. It’s a reason to get romantic with your spouse, and make sure you shower them with affection whether they have Irish heritage or not!

Last but not least, you can send your husband or wife a romantic greeting – plenty of other people do! Hallmark actually sells more than 10 million St. Patrick’s Day cards every year, and you can use this opportunity to surprise your spouse with a heartfelt message on a day they’re least expecting it.

Even outside of these pieces of St. Patrick’s Day traditions and backstory – the holidays are always a great time to dedicate some quality time to your marriage. Attend a celebration, participate in a local event, or just take the time for yourselves to celebrate in your own unique way.

There will be plenty to enjoy – so make a point to have some fun together this St. Patrick’s Day!

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