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Our Most Popular Program

Strong Marriage Now System 2.0

An innovative alternative to in person counseling done completely online that will help you get your marriage back on track.

Your System Includes:

The Checked Out Partner Solution

Do you want to:

  • Get your Spouse Checked Back In to Your Marriage
  • Stop the Pain and End your Hurt Feelings
  • Stop feeling Stuck and Move forward
  • Avoid Common Mistakes that Can Threaten Your Marriage
  • Get the Help you Need without Seeing a Couples Counselor
  • Stop your Divorce and Fall in Love again
  • Have the Fulfilling, Loving, Passionate Relationship you Desire

The Connect, Communicate & End the Fighting System Solution

Chapter 1 Will Reveal:

  • Importance of humor
  • How to make everything easier
  • Offering the benefit of the doubt
  • What to do when your partner blows it
  • Deepen your connection
  • Honor each other’s feelings
  • Listen to help get over issues
  • Understanding anger

Chapter 2 Will Reveal:

  • Have a clear purpose
  • Say what’s really going on
  • Talk about behavior and feelings
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • How to fight fair
  • Know yourself and your partner
  • Gracefully resolve conflict
  • Reduce damage from fighting

The Affair-Proof Your Marriage Solution

Learn how to get on the same page with your spouse and protect your marriage from the risky behaviors that can be “slippery slopes�? to affairs. The System includes specific steps you can to strengthen your marriage so that neither spouse will be tempted to stray. The course includes a video on each of the following topics:

  • Get on the Same Page Video
  • Slippery Slope
  • Outside Influences Video
  • Who You Are as an Individual Video – Part 1
  • Who You Are as an Individual Video– Part 2

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