Most couples think sex is a pretty big deal, and rightfully so. In fact, problems surrounding sex and affection are some of the more common issues that couples face. We know that it’s a sensitive subject, but it doesn’t have to be! Communicating about sex and intimacy is something we’ve stressed in the past. Every […]

Thanks to Harvard-educated gynecologist and author Dr. Sara Gottfried MD, we’re hosting a FREE webinar all about how your hormones factor into your health, happiness, and you guessed it, your marriage! Dr. Sara has been helping people for 20 years with natural hormone balancing, and has tons of great insight on how your hormones might […]

Every year, couples bend over backwards to make restaurant reservations, purchase gifts and candies, and plan extravagant dates to show their love to one another on Valentine’s Day. The unfortunate reality, however, is that the financial strain and general stress that comes with grandiose celebration can have a negative impact on the actual enjoyment of […]

People magazine has named Channing Tatum the Sexiest Man Alive for 2012, and while many men think they could never compare to the Magic Mike star’s chiseled physique, they may not be right! Because real sex appeal has less to do with muscles and jaw line than you might think! By definition, the “sexiest” man […]

Are you disappointed in your sex life? Do you and your spouse feel disconnected physically? In fact, problems surrounding sex and affection are some of the most common issues that couples face. Unfortunately, many couples don’t know how to resolve these issues, aren’t comfortable talking about it or talk about it in the wrong way. […]

We recently conducted an online survey, and the overwhelming majority of people wanted to know one simple thing: “What can I do to save my marriage?” Plenty of people experience problems in their marriage, but often don’t even know where to start rebuilding when things get off track. Whether couples feel like their feelings for […]

When it comes to sex, guys are simple, right? Wrong. The bedroom is one of the great arenas of male performance, and as such, what you see and hear is typically not the whole reality. It’s no wonder, in trying to please, men don’t necessarily reveal their full identity. Here are 7 things men would […]

Is your sex life just ho-hum?  Feeling a bit bored?  Consider trying certain foods to reignite the spark. Edible aphrodisiacs can turn up the heat in more ways than one.  While it’s true there’s more folklore than scientific proof to substantiate the link between food and passionate sex, that’s no reason why you and your […]

Feeling like your love life could use a boost? Give your relationship a holiday! Have you ever noticed that when we go on vacation it is often easier to “get it on?” The truth is vacations often provide us with the opportunity to escape from all the things that stress us out when we’re at […]