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We recently conducted an online survey, and the overwhelming majority of people wanted to know one simple thing: “What can I do to save my marriage?”

Plenty of people experience problems in their marriage, but often don’t even know where to start rebuilding when things get off track. Whether couples feel like their feelings for one another have changed, their daily lives are plagued by arguments, or outside factors are putting a strain on their relationship, we hear your call for help!

Because most people struggle to find the place to start working on their marriages, we’ve created a webinar to start you down the path of a stronger, healthier relationship with your spouse. This webinar, “5 Secret to Save Your Marriage” features expert advice from counselor and psychologist Dr. Dana Fillmore!



The “5 Secrets to Save Your Marriage” webinar is an absolute must for couples, with great lessons for married couples at ALL stages of their relationships. To take advantage of this expert advice, you have to register!

Webinars will be available on:

Monday, August 6 at 6pm Pacific Time
Tuesday, August 7 at 6pm Pacific Time
Wednesday, August 8 at 6pm Pacific Time

Space is limited to 100 participants online per event, so act now to reserve your spot!

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