Marital infidelity is a dangerous practice, there is no doubt about that. It poses threats to nearly every aspect of a relationship, from trust and emotional wellbeing to the physical dangers of promiscuity, namely sexually transmitted diseases. What about a threat to your life? While the American Heart Association says that sexual activity is ok

We never like to see a marriage fall apart, especially over infidelity. With all of the accusations flying around, there is no saying what really happened between Demi, Ashton, and any of the alleged third parties they may have been involved with. We do know, however, that things have gone sour, and we wish we

In WebMd's article, "Why Women Cheat: Insights in common reasons why women have affairs," by Tammy Worth, Tammy looks at the various reasons women may participate in extramarital affairs. Thea discusses the differences inherent in men and women and what drives them to cheat. She profiles one Thea, who turned to Internet Dating site, Ashley

According to an annual survey of 101 lawyers in the United Kingdom, the leading reason couples site for divorce is no longer an extramarital affair. This is a major shift as since the annual survey began in 2003, an affair has been consistently the most cited reason couples divorce. This year, according to those that

Many of you have told us that you’ve been impacted by some sort of infidelity and you reached out to us at to ask for help.  On our teleseminar last week, “5 Secrets to Save Your Marriage.” Dr. Fillmore address that very concern. The most common questions you asked about affairs were: “Is my

Are you worried your marriage is over because of an affair? Does it mean you're headed for divorce? Take heart, your marriage can be saved. Read the article below to learn the six steps to save your marriage after an affair. Six Steps to Save Your Marriage After an Affair After reading the article, please

Many of us believe that men initiate more affairs than women do but the fact is that the ratio is more like 50/50.  Women have just as many affairs as men do.  In fact, 50% of marriages are impacted by some sort of infidelity. Do you wonder about how to protect your marriage from infidelity?