Demi Ashton Infidelity: We Wish We Could Have Helped

We never like to see a marriage fall apart, especially over infidelity. With all of the accusations flying around, there is no saying what really happened between Demi, Ashton, and any of the alleged third parties they may have been involved with. We do know, however, that things have gone sour, and we wish we could have helped!

Affairs are treacherous business, and threaten everything that marriage stands for. Stories of their “open marriage,” rumors of cheating behavior, and even the temptations of the celebrity lifestyle are all indicators that this relationship needed guidance. As they move forward with divorce proceedings, we wanted to offer some direction if you are facing similarly trying times. An affair doesn’t have to be the bitter end, and if you have been through one, we can help! It’s never too late to save your marriage.

Dr. Dana has outlined 7 Steps to Recover from an Affair, 7 principles that could have saved Demi and Ashton from divorce, and can save you too as you face this extremely difficult time in your relationship.

Despite what many people think, most of the time affairs aren’t really about the sex at all, but are rooted in much deeper emotional issues. Confronting these issues honestly can put your marriage back on track, if you’re willing to work for it. With Dr. Dana’s 7 Steps, you can get your marriage back, rebuilding trust and rekindling that spark, even after an affair. We only wish we could do the same for Demi and Ashton!

Watch the video below for 7 Steps to Recover from an Affair to save (and strengthen) your marriage today!

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