Cheating Spouse: Cheating Might Break Your Heart, Literally!

Marital infidelity is a dangerous practice, there is no doubt about that. It poses threats to nearly every aspect of a relationship, from trust and emotional wellbeing to the physical dangers of promiscuity, namely sexually transmitted diseases.

What about a threat to your life?

While the American Heart Association says that sexual activity is ok for most people with heart issues, they did have some interesting statistics.

A recent study has shown that the most likely people to experience sudden death during sexual activity are men engaging in extramarital sex. Typically, these men are with a younger partner in an unfamiliar setting, and have recently consumed an excessive amount of food and/or alcohol. This makes having an affair all the more dangerous, especially if you have a history of heart trouble. The best way to avoid the whole issue is to simply avoid having an extramarital affair.

There are steps you can take to help keep your marriage from becoming at risk for an affair, and help strengthen your relationship regardless of its current status. For more information on “at risk” behavior, and tips to stopping it before an affair develops, check out the Affair Proof Your Marriage System today!

If you’ve already been impacted by an affair, don’t give up, your marriage can actually survive an affair and even be better than ever before if you take the right steps to deal with your cheating spouse. Watch the video below for 7 Steps to Recover from an Affair to save (and strengthen) your marriage today!

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lied to 10 years ago

Wow! I really thought there might be something for me when my cheating husband of 32 years suggested I visit this web site. Instead, I discovered an infomerical aimed at lining Dr. Dana's pocket book. What a disappointment! No wonder he gravitated to this website instead of focusing on owning his own behaviors -- after all, he's cheated because "he's been lied to for years" about how happily ever after our marriage should have been since day one. What a crock.