Many of us believe that men initiate more affairs than women do but the fact is that the ratio is more like 50/50.  Women have just as many affairs as men do.  In fact, 50% of marriages are impacted by some sort of infidelity.

Do you wonder about how to protect your marriage from infidelity?  Here are some tips you can apply to safeguard your marriage:

It's very important to get on the same page with each other regarding your expectations for each other and your marriage.  It's important to figure out what you want and need from your marriage and make sure those expectations are realistic.  All marriages have ups and downs and challenges.  Staying married takes work and investment and weathering challenges together can make your relationship stronger.
It's also very important to discuss boundaries and acceptable behavior.  How do each of you feel about same sex friendships?  How do you feel about internet relationships?  How do you define cheating?  Talk about these questions with each other and agree on the boundaries.  Then choose to trust each other.  Offering trust reinforces your commitment to each other and strengthens your integrity.

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