“My spouse cheated, is my marriage over?” Dr. Fillmore answers

Many of you have told us that you’ve been impacted by some sort of infidelity and you reached out to us at StrongMarriageNow.com to ask for help.  On our teleseminar last week, “5 Secrets to Save Your Marriage.” Dr. Fillmore address that very concern.

The most common questions you asked about affairs were: “Is my marriage over?”  “What can I do to save my marriage?” and you asked lots of questions about inappropriate “friendships.”  Got another question? Ask us! or comment below.

Want to know Dr. Fillmore’s answer to:  “My spouse cheated, Is my marriage over?”  “Can my marriage be saved after an affair?” and whether or not you should be worried about your partner’s “friendship.”

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Joey 10 years ago

Sorry to say this, but if he's been with her for two years believe me all the clunseoing in the world won't bring him back to you. If he started seeing her two years ago, what you really have is a 13 year marriage that ended two years ago if not literally or on the surface, deep down inside in terms of his commitment to it and to you. If I were you, I'd see the counselor on your own to help you work through your feelings and get back on your feet. Single life can be a challenge, but it is also a lot of fun. Given time, you might find it's a lot more satisfying than the past two years of your marriage have been and you might even find lasting happiness! All the best,