Trauma comes in many forms, sometimes in the form of disasters or accidents, but more often, it comes at the hands of people hurting other people – and this can have a long term psychological effect, impacting relationships, trust, and perception (among many other things) for the rest of a survivor’s life. A subscriber recently […]

As the NFL Playoffs are wrapping up and the Super Bowl is on the horizon, many women out there may be experience some feelings of neglect from their football obsessed husbands. Maybe even some husbands with sports fan wives are experiencing the same! If this sounds familiar, if you’ve spent Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings […]

Marriage is a team sport, right? It takes both of you working together to maintain happy, strong relationship. With that said, however, there are certainly things you can do all on your own to help make the marriage the best it can be. The following tips are meant to help you get closer to being […]

People magazine just announced this years Sexiest Man Alive, singer and The Voice judge Adam Levine! While there’s no doubting that Adam is quite handsome, it isn’t just his looks that make him sexy. Sex appeal can mean different things to different people, and not all of us have the same opinions about what we […]

Last week we covered the 6 common marriage mistakes women make. This week it’s the men’s turn… Of course, we all make mistakes but some are more avoidable than others. In fact, sometimes we don’t even know we’re making a mistake until someone points it out. In the spirit of letting you know what you […]

Here’s the next video in our blog series “Dr. Dana Answers Your Questions.” Today’s question is from Julie: “What do you do if you suspect depression or something else with your spouse?  For example my husband has had sleep issues for 10 years along with feeling down.  He follows a healthy lifestyle so much so […]

Some of the most common complaints in marriage counseling sessions center around communication. Men and women alike take issue with the way their spouse communicates (or doesn’t), citing many similar things like, “he never listens to me,” “I don’t understand why she gets so upset,” or “he acts like he doesn’t even want to talk […]

Do you sometimes wonder if you and your partner are even speaking the same language? Do you wonder what’s going on with him/her? Are you angry at them all the time but when you try to talk you just fight? Do you feel sometimes as if your partner is just a jerk? Here’s Dr. Dana’s […]

Ryan Reynolds on the cover of Peoplecourtesy of People Magazine I’m sure you’ve seen the November 29, 2010 People magazine issue “The Sexiest Men Alive.” Do you want to know what really makes these men sexy and what traits are irresistible to women? Surprisingly enough, it’s not their dreamy eyes, cut abs and hot butts. […]