The holiday season – that stretch of time from Thanksgiving through Christmas and the New Year – is often seen as a time for family and togetherness. In many cases, this is true! We may have more time off work, family in town for a visit, traditions and gatherings that help us connect with our […]

Over the next few months, most of us will dedicate a good amount of energy to various holiday celebrations (and preparations). We’ve got meals to make, gifts to find, family trips to plan, relatives to visit, decorations to contend with – the list goes on and on.

Every year, people of all walks of life look to the beginning of the New Year as a fresh start, a chance to set goals for self improvement over the 12 months to come. The unfortunate reality, however, is that while plenty of people make New Year’s resolutions, very few are ever accomplished. Research from […]

The holidays can be a pretty chaotic time of year, especially if you have young ones, family events to attend, and gifts to pick out. With all of this running around, it’s all too easy to pass over one of the most important parts of the holiday season: connecting with your loved ones. This year, […]

For most people, Thanksgiving is already set aside for family and togetherness, but beyond your regularly planned family events, the holiday is also a great chance for some extra closeness with your spouse. To fit with the Thanksgiving theme, it’s a chance to really show your husband or wife how much you appreciate having them […]

The 4th of July marks Independence Day in the United States, a day when families and friends get together to celebrate the birth our nation, eat good food, spend time outdoors, and watch impressive fireworks displays. There are a couple of great ways of looking at Independence Day to really make the most out the […]

Focusing on your marriage is a great resolution to have for 2013. We recently received the following email: “Thank you my beautiful friends for sending me all these emails during 2012. My marriage crumbled into pieces in the beginning of 2012. I had no hope. I thought it was all going to finish in divorce, […]

The holidays are supposed to be a time for togetherness, love, family, and fun. All of the other stuff, stressing about presents or travel plans, preparing meals or putting out decorations, is extra – and not worth sacrificing the things that really make the holidays special. It can be a stressful time of year, there’s […]

We all want something more out of our lives, from a better job to a better marriage, or maybe just a new car or to take a vacation. Whatever it may be, it’s safe to say that almost everyone wants something. Why not make it a reality this year? To know what you truly want, […]

What’s Mother’s Day really about?  Is it about paying too much for brunch at a restaurant? Is it about cards and gifts? Is it about spending $75 for flowers that will die in 4 days?  Or, it is about appreciating those special moms in your life? While a brunch buffet and flowers are nice, they […]