Most couples argue from time to time, but unhealthy methods of disagreeing with your spouse usually end up causing even more trouble. In this video, Dana sits down with a couple to talk about “fighting smart” – knowing when your temper is getting the best of you, knowing when to keep your mouth shut, and […]

The 2014 Academy Awards are on March 2nd, and this widely watched event is shaping up to be just as massive and glamorous as we’ve come to expect. With all the pomp and ceremony involved in the Oscars, all of the commentary and television coverage, why should you care? Well, not only is it one […]

Marriage is a team sport, right? It takes both of you working together to maintain happy, strong relationship. With that said, however, there are certainly things you can do all on your own to help make the marriage the best it can be. The following tips are meant to help you get closer to being […]

Building a romantic relationship almost always begins with having something in common, whether it’s taste in music, a favorite restaurant, a movie you both recently saw – there’s got to be something to spark a conversation. As you grow closer, you likely find more and more opinions you share, things you enjoy doing together, places […]

In our last Monthly Membership Call, titled “Random Acts of Kindness,” we encountered a pretty tough question – and when that happens, we feel it’s important to pull that information together and present it here. After all, if the question seems tough to us, we can only assume that it’s a problem other people might […]

Today is the day! Dr. Dana is visiting the Steve Harvey show to talk about relationships, marriage, and overcoming the problem of bickering! She’s sitting down with real life couples to offer expert advice with a personal touch. Steve Harvey, the popular comedian, radio show host, fashion entrepreneur, author, and game show host, has been […]

This coming Friday, December 6th, 2013, Dr. Dana is paying a visit to the Steve Harvey Show to offer some insight on a topic many couples have trouble with: bickering. Bickering is a little different from “regular” arguments because it has more to do with general irritation than a specific topic. Bickering is when you’re arguing for […]

While every relationship is different, some problems that occur in marriages are quite common – they are simply the realities of spending a lot of close time with someone, and with a few tools at our disposal, we can help overcome the common problems and keep our marriages happy and healthy (or get back to […]

Arguments happen, but when you and your spouse seem to be at odds for no reason, there is usually an underlying problem with communication. When there are roadblocks to effectively communicating, not only is it difficult to resolve problems or navigate disagreements, it can also put a damper on the most minor day-to-day interaction. Here’s […]

We’re all familiar with the dreaded “silent treatment,” but do we really take into account the damage it can do to our relationships? It’s one thing to step away from a confrontation to let your temper cool, but it’s a much larger problem if communication is shutting down entirely. This tactic of shutting down and/or […]