We know that a satisfying marriage has positive effects on psychological wellbeing. Happily married people are, generally speaking, happier people! People gain a sense of satisfaction when they are wanted and needed, especially when that sentiment is openly communicated in a relationship.

A recent study by the American Psychological Association has determined another fantastic benefit of a strong marriage: happily married individuals are more than three times as likely to survive coronary bypass surgery. Is a blissful marriage good for your heart?

The actual figures are staggering, showing that 83 percent of happily married women were still alive 15 years after heart surgery. Compared the 28 percent survival rate for unhappily married women, and a 27 percent survival rate for unmarried women, the evidence is pretty convincing!

While happily married men shared the 83 percent benchmark with their female counterparts, they fared better than the women for unhappy marriages at a 60 percent survival rate. 36 percent of unmarried men survived, lending further weight to the link between marriage and coronary health.

This study shows us a few important things. Not only does it indicate the importance of satisfying marriage for women in particular, it highlights a very basic principle: a strong, loving marriage gives people something to live for!

This is, of course, a two-way street (like all relationships). On one hand, the individual who has undergone coronary bypass surgery, if happily married, has a built in support system – namely the love and encouragement of their spouse. A loving husband or wife will most likely visit the hospital, take part in decision making, being an integral part of the recovery process, and be the first to hear about any problems. Having a trusted person to talk to about your fears can go a long way (and heart surgery is a scary thing!).

On the other hand, a happy relationship can give a patient “something to live for,” in a sense. They may be thinking about more than their own happiness, and be sure to follow the doctor’s advice, post-surgery, to be healthy and happy for their spouse.

This study also indicates that happily wed couples may be better prepared to face all kinds of adversity, as long as they have one another. This is the kind of personal strength you gain from a positive relationship. You are part of a team, and with each other’s support and compassion, you can overcome great obstacles. A strong marriage leads to a happier, healthier you!

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Dr Dana and Amy Barnhart
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