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Nothing is more painful than issues in your marriage. Whether you're struggling with poor communication, lack of trust, one of you has fallen out of love, you're lonely or bored or even struggling to get over an affair, there is a way back to happiness.

Believe it or not, being happily married is about knowing how... Sometimes it feels like you and your partner are speaking a foreign language and in a way you probably are. If you wanted to learn how to speak Spanish, you'd take Spanish lessons, right? Take some time to explore Dr. Dana's marriage help lessons today and get your marriage back on the right track.

Here are links to powerful articles and videos from Dr. Dana Fillmore, Author, TV Marriage Expert and Clinical Psychologist, to help you win back your spouse’s affection and have a happy marriage again.

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How To Save Your Marriage On Your Own. It Is Possible!

Even if one partner wants a divorce or separation, it is still possible to recover what has been lost. You can save your marriage even if you are the only one willing to work on it. It may be easier than you think.

How To Improve The Communication In Your Relationship

Communication is one of the most common issues in a marriage and Dr. Dana has a powerful and surprisingly simple tip to make everything easier between you and your spouse.

How To Regain Trust Once It’s Been Destroyed

How do regain trust when it has been destroyed? Don't you have to have trust as the foundations to your marriage?

How To Get Over Years of Disappointment

Even if your spouse has let you down consistently for a long period of time, it is still possible to work on your marriage.

7 Steps To Survive An Affair

If you've been impacted by an infidelity, you're marriage doesn't have to be over. Discover 7 steps to save your marriage after an affair.

How to Stop the Divorce

Do you feel that your marriage is on a destructive track, heading towards divorce? There is hope, and you can get your marriage back on track.

Midlife Crisis Threatening Your Marriage?

How can you save your marriage when your partner is in the throes of midlife crisis and wants to throw everything away?

How To Reconnect And Feel Close Again

One day you may wake up to discover that you and your spouse have become roommates instead of loving partners. Even if your spouse has one foot out the door, it is still possible to get them to recommit to your marriage.


The Truth About Anger

Discover what's really driving the anger and how to recover peace and love in your relationship.

Feel Your Wife Slipping Away?

Being emotionally separated from your spouse is a crushing experience, and sometimes our best efforts to show love pushes them away more. It is important to remember that we all have a different way that we feel loved...

Are You Helping Your Husband Leave You? Part 1

Are you unwittingly encouraging your husband to leave you? In part 1 of this series, you'll discover 6 mistakes you might be making to push him away.

Is It Normal To Grow Apart In A Marriage?

Feeling distant from your husband or wife? You're not alone. Discover what to do if you've grown apart.

Can You Save Your Marriage Even If Your Spouse Isn’t Willing To Work On It?

Just one person in the couple changing their priorities can dramatically change the dynamic in a relationship.


"5 Secrets to Save Your Marriage"

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Having Marriage Problems? Looking for Marriage Advice? Or are you just looking for a Marriage Help “Chat?” Are you considering Marriage Counseling? Even considering Marriage Retreats?

Before you go that far, if you feel as if you need to stop a divorce or if you simply need a little marriage guidance, check out Dr. Dana's Free Help For Your Marriage!

Dr Dana FillmoreHi, I'm Dr. Dana Fillmore and I'd like you to know that I've heard from so many people that have a difficult time getting their partners to commit to going to marriage or couples counseling to get help for their marriage.  They worry that if he/she won't go, even to a single marriage seminar, that they are not committed to the relationship and they don’t care about their future.

Fortunately, in most cases, this is far from the truth.  The fact is that many people are uncomfortable with going to marriage (or pre-marriage) counseling.  This is due to many reasons.

marriage help Some people are more comfortable leaving things as they are rather than talking about and dealing with painful issues.

Many people are uncomfortable discussing their issues with someone they don't know.

Many marriage counselors are women and their approach to couples therapy is to make the men “more like a woman.”  They want him to think like a woman and communicate like a woman and that just doesn't work.

Going to a marriage counselor can make some people feel like a failure and can feel threatening.

Some people are concerned about the time and the costs of marriage counseling and as such, would prefer to leave their marriage fitness to generic advice from television personalities like Dr. Phil.

The Secret to Being Happily Married

The questions we are most often asked are: “How can I help my marriage now if I can’t get my spouse in on it?”  “How can we save our marriage when we are no longer connected?”  “I’ve asked God to help my marriage - can it be saved?” “I am a devout christian and I believe in the sanctity of marriage.  How can I help my marriage today!”  “I really want to help my relationship, but I’m afraid it’s over - is there anything I can do by myself?” These are all variations on the same question - “Can I help my failing marriage/ relationship? Is it even possible?”  The answer is: Absolutely!  Almost every marriage can be saved and even made much better than ever!  But let’s face it, not everyone wants to save the marriage they currently have - meaning not everyone wants to keep the marriage the way that it is.  However, I’m talking both about saving the relationship and making it better, making it the marriage the two of you actually want.  But in order to do that it’s important to keep this one thing in mind: it’s completely normal to fall in and out of love in a long-term marriage.  People who are married for a long time are not typically “in love” with their partner the whole time. They fall in and out of love many times over the years.

You know that 80-year-old couple that’s dancing at the wedding who clearly adore each other and still look madly in love?  Well, those people will tell you that they were not madly in love every day for the last 60 years.  In fact, there were many times when they wanted to toss each other out of a window!  Still, they’ve weathered life’s ups and downs and they genuinely adore each other today.  We all want to be that 80-year-old couple, right?  We want people to say, “Wow, look at them, I want that kind of marriage.”  Well, that couple will tell you that it took two things to get to that point:  commitment and the willingness to work on the marriage.

In fact, here’s one of the statistics we quote in our upcoming book: Research indicates that 86% of unhappily married couples that stay together and work on their marriage report being much happier later on in life.  In other words, they’re glad they did. So for those of you who ask, “Can my marriage be saved?” now you know that you can save your marriage and that falling in and out of love is normal.   I hope you have hope again.  I hope you know that if you’re willing to do the work, things can get considerably better for both you and your spouse.

Here are some marriage tip alternatives to consider if marriage counseling simply isn't an option for you.

Try seeing a counselor individually to help you learn how you can improve your life and influence your marriage/relationship encounters.

There are some great marriage advice books that you can explore:  "How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About it" by Patricia Love and  "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. These books can offer a kind of  “marriage quiz,” to help you understand where you are as well as offering excellent marriage tips.

It may be that your approach to working on the marriage is creating more of a rift between you.  Many couples are hurt and angry with each other and end up blaming and shaming each other.  You may want to try using a kinder, more loving approach to help turn the tone of your interactions around.

Consider checking out some of the free marriage advice videos that we offer to help couples improve their marriage.  Men are typically more open to watching something privately on their computer.   Many of our customers have felt that being able to access our marriage advice materials online has been extremely useful. This offers them help with their marriage in the privacy of their own home! If you're interested, sign up for our free marriage videos today!

Again, the StrongMarriageNow System is a great alternative to face-to-face marriage counseling and in fact, we’re really seeing that in most cases, watching the online videos in the privacy of your own home and completing the exercises is actually better than most face-to-face therapy.

3 Free Video Series
Searching for answers is usually an avoidance tactic.
In order to start saving your marriage you need to decide that is what you really want to do.
If that is what you want then watch these videos. 




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