5 Date Ideas for July

By now, you’ve likely settled into summer. You’re used to the warm weather (or getting used to it), the long days might not hold quite so much novelty, and you might already be wishing the kids were back in school!

There’s still plenty of summer left, though, so here are a few ideas to make the most of it with your spouse:

1. Go Swimming

Depending on where you live, this could a lake, the ocean, a river, a swimming pool… Whatever’s available to you! Swimming together is a good way to stay cool on a hot summer day, get a little bit of physical activity in, and well, a great chance to flirt while you float! Something about that buoyancy and drifting around in each other’s arms just helps you get in the mood!

Swimming is a great July date idea to get closer to your spouse!
Swimming is a great July date idea to get closer to your spouse!

2. Cidery Visit

Breweries and wineries are hugely popular nowadays, with more popping up around the country almost every day – but what about cider? Along with the explosion of microbrew popularity, handcrafted hard ciders are also becoming quite common. Look for a cider maker in your area and go take a tour! On a summer day, the sweet, crisp adult beverage is just right!

3. Go Yard Saling

Sunny days and nice weather mean that many people jump at the opportunity to have yard sales. Set aside a weekend afternoon, check listings for you area, and go browsing for treasures with your spouse! Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s an interesting way to spend time together, and you just might find that rare item you didn’t even know you wanted (probably at a low price too!).

4. Attend a Food Festival

All summer long, cities and towns across the country hold various “food festivals,” from simple street fairs to huge, multi-day events. It’s a chance to try out the local cuisine your area has to offer, support the community, and enjoy quality time together. Many of these festivals will also have live music or other entertainment as well.

5. Shoot Some Hoops

If you don’t have your own backyard or garage basketball hoop, finding one is usually as easy as going to the nearest public park. You and your spouse can shoot around, play one-on-one or “horse,” or join some others for a larger pickup game. However you choose to play, some gentle basketball is good exercise, a little friendly competition, and a way to spend quality time together in the fresh air!

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