10 Date Ideas for November

As the weather starts to get colder and the holiday season draws near, it’s a great time of year to spend quality time with your spouse. The dates you and your spouse enjoy are your chance to connect as a couple, and making a point to spend this kind of time together is integral to building and maintaining a strong relationship.

To help you connect, here are some ideas for dates specific to the month of November. Now have some fun together!

1. Attend A Football Game

Whether it’s high school, professional, or anything in between, football games can be tons of fun for fans and non-fans alike. Even if you’re not into sports, it’s a social occasion where you can soak up the energy of the crowd, root for the home team (or the opposition), and enjoy some outdoor entertainment before the snow falls.

2. Volunteerism

A big part of the “spirit of the holidays” is giving back to those less fortunate than you. You can do just that (and spent some quality time with your spouse) by volunteering your time for a local charity. Around this time of year, most opportunities involve helping people with Thanksgiving meals. Look to local church groups and charity organizations to find an opportunity that suits you.

There are some great November date ideas!
There are some great November date ideas!

3. Dinner Experiments

Thanksgiving is pretty centered on food, but we usually stick the staples we know and love. Why not spend your date night trying out some recipes together – especially ones you don’t know if you’ll like, or don’t know if you can even pull off! You may just discover your new favorite dish, and at least gets some laughs in the process.

4. Plan A Day In

Instead of planning somewhere special to go, make the day unique by not going anywhere! Stay in your pajamas, turn off the cell phones, and send the kids off to grandma’s house. Spend the day snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite movies, sipping hot cocoa, or basking in front of the fireplace. The point is to be distraction free, cozy, and just the two of you.

5. Find A Local (or Semi-Local) Celebration

We all know about the giant Macy’s parade in New York City, but what about other community celebrations nearby? Get bundled up and explore some local culture. You can join the fun and share the high spirits of the holiday with other families in your area.

6. Horseback Ride

Plenty of people enjoy a “color tour” when the leaves change, but what about enjoying the fall colors up close? You and your spouse can spent part of the afternoon on horseback, winding through the trails and taking in the beautiful sites autumn has to offer.

7. Apple Picking

The crisp air and changing leaves are a perfect time to visit an orchard to pick and sample fresh apples! It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors with your spouse, get some fresh air, and pick up the main ingredient to a delicious dish you can make together later that day! If you’re lucky, there might be some fresh cider to sample too!

8. Find a Place Off the Beaten Path

Sometimes the cool weather can be a little much. If you want to spend your date night inside, try to find some quirky place that you’ve never heard of – it could be a little movie theater, a private art gallery, a diner out on a country road, anything at all that gets you outside of your normal routine, and your normal geography.

9. Get Crafty

Whether it’s making holiday decorations, an idea from Pinterest, or something you came up with on your own, spending an evening making crafts together is a way to spend time together, tap into your creativity, and collaborate toward a common goal.

10. Show Your Thanks

For this date, you just have to show each other how much you appreciate the little things – and do so with some gestures of admiration and thanks. It could be giving backrubs, special favors, talking about your partner’s admirable qualities, etc. This could even be two separate dates, one for each of you to indulge in the appreciation of the other!

Give one (or more) of these date ideas a try this month, and strengthen your marriage through quality time spent together.

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Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart, co-Founders, StrongMarriageNow.com

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