5 Summer Date Ideas

It’s officially summer – and that means more opportunities for fun in the sun than any other time of year (and plenty of great things to do out of the sun, too)! To make the most of this great weather (or to find ways to beat the heat), make a point to spend some quality time with your spouse doing one, or ALL of these summer date ideas:

1. Beach Day

If you live anywhere remotely close to a beach, the trip is most definitely worth it. Whether it’s an ocean or a bay, a lake or a river, setting up along the waterfront for a relaxing day of sun and swimming is a perfect escape from your busy day to day, and great environment for long talks with plenty of laughs.

2. Take In Some History

In the spirit of Independence Day, spend a day exploring your area’s local history. Start with museums, but let your exploration continue to the library, historic buildings in your town or city, and even the locations of bygone landmarks. Ask the older generations for tips that might not be in the history books, and build a little history of your own exploring the past with your spouse!

Young man giving a flower to girlfriend while lying in grass
Go on a picnic together. Check out a local park in your neighborhood that you have not visited in a while.

3. Stay Cool

When the heat is at it’s most unbearable, make a date out of staying cool! Make an adventure of seeking out the business in your area with the best air conditioning, or stay home and get out the ice cubes and box fans. Take turns keeping each other cool and laze around watching wintry movies!

4. Water Fight

Break out the squirt guns, the hose, water balloons, and anything else you have at your disposal, and prepare yourself for a good old-fashioned water fight! This is something you can do as a couple, or even get the kids (and their friends) involved! You could even start under the pretense of washing the car – just exaggerate your “bad aim” with the hose!

5. Have a Private Picnic

There are plenty of family friendly places for picnics: parks, campgrounds, even an open field at the local school – forget these places. To truly escape with your spouse, plan a picnic in your own secret spot, off the beaten path. This may take a little preliminary research, but finding the perfect spot will definitely be worth it. You want to make sure that your rendezvous won’t be disturbed, just in case things get a little steamy on the checkered cloth. Pack some food, and maybe a bottle of wine, and head out to your location of choice, and enjoy each other’s company totally undisturbed. Don’t forget the bug spray!

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What are some of your favorite summer time activities? Please comment below.

Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart, co-Founders, StrongMarriageNow.com

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