What To Do When Your Wife Says “I’m Done”


It’s about the last thing any of us wants to hear: that our spouse has officially given up hope for saving and improving the marriage, and is ready to call it quits.

While this may seem like an utterly hopeless scenario, it isn’t. In fact, it may be a wake up call for both of you, even if she isn’t willing to do anything about it. When a marriage has gotten to this point, and you don’t want it to end, this is essentially your final chance to make the big changes required to save your relationship.

If your wife tells you she’s done, it’s your cue to get started (if you haven’t already). This means taking what you know is causing problems, and doing everything in your power to fix what’s broken, change your bad behaviors, and build the marriage that both of you want to have.

Even if she has checked out completely, you can take responsibility for the marriage. This may include tackling things you’ve been putting off for years, taking a hard look in the mirror for what you’re doing to cause problems, and understanding that while you may not be able to fix everything, doing the absolute most you can will help both of you steer the marriage back in the right direction.

This can’t just be talk, either – action is key. You can’t just promise to make changes to reengage your wife in the marriage. Take action and she will see the results!

Ideally, your commitment to positive change will help your wife see how much you care, and how much the marriage means to you. Even if she is resistant, the talks you have about your efforts to change may provide more crucial information about what she needs out of the relationship. Pay close attention when you communicate, and again, take responsibility for seeing changes through.

One person truly can make a difference in rebuilding a marriage, even when the other spouse isn’t putting in any effort. Not only can you improve your own life, your own habits, and your own chances for a happy marriage – your commitment and diligence may very well inspire your disconnected spouse to look at her own contributions to the problems, and begin to take action to repair them.

Stay strong and stay committed. You can make a difference in your marriage – even if you’re the only one willing to put in the work.


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