Top 10 Romantic Christmas Songs

Holiday music is a big part of the Christmas tradition, and during this time of year, it’s just about everywhere you turn! From old standards to brand new tunes, there’s certainly no shortage of Christmas music to help you get in the spirit of the season.

Beyond the usual fare, though, there’s also a strong tradition of holiday songs focused on love and togetherness, and the romantic side of this time of year. The holidays are a great chance to spend quality time with your spouse, express your love for one another, and soak in some romantic music to help you feel connected.

Listen to romantic Christmas songs to get in the mood this holiday season!
Listen to romantic Christmas songs to get in the mood this holiday season!

Here are 10 of our favorite romantic Christmas songs. Enjoy!

1. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas
2. Gloria Estefan – Christmas Through Your Eyes
3. Billy Squier – Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You
4. Sara Bareilles – Love is Christmas
5. Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red
6. Mary J. Blige – This Christmas
7. Marvin Gaye – I Want to Come Home for Christmas
8. Justin Bieber and Boyz II Men – Fa La La
9. Neil Diamond – You Make It Feel Like Christmas
10. 98 Degrees – This Gift

These should cover a decent range of musical preferences, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the romantic Christmas songs out there. Chances are, many of your favorite singers have dabbled in holiday music, and whatever style of music you like most, there’s likely a holiday version of it!

Check out the tunes listed above (all available on YouTube – and wherever you typically get your music), and queue up some other favorites as well. You can spend some time with your spouse around the holidays, snuggled up and listening to some romantic music, and give yourselves the gift of stronger marriage!

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