When celebrity couples split, there is always plenty of speculation about why it happened, if there are other people involved, what’s going to happen next, etc. Because we are used to seeing these actors and actresses play dramatic roles, it is easy to assume that there is some exciting secret behind a split, when in most cases celebrity divorces happen for the same reasons as anyone else – famous or not.

Tabloid headlines are ablaze with talk of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing after a 5-year marriage, and it seems like everyone is asking, “why?”

We can’t assume to know what goes on in their personal lives, but there are a few things we can assume, based on what we know from the press, and what we know about marriage in general.

Various reports point toward Tom’s religion, Scientology (Katie’s involvement is debatable), and some even speculate that Katie’s father, Martin Holmes, played a role. In typical fashion, many of these claims have also been refuted by other sources, saying that Scientology had nothing to do with it, that Martin Holmes only acted as legal advisor at Katie’s request, and that disagreements over religion were nonexistent in their marriage. This, of course, is all speculation because neither Tom nor Katie are making official statements about their separation.

What we do know for certain, though, is that Tom and Katie are both terribly busy people. As a pair of A-list actors, they have incredibly demanding schedules that require all kinds of international travel, living in hotels and apartments around the world, constant time zone changes, and committing to being on set for sometimes months at a time. In short, they don’t get to spend very much time together, and that’s the clincher.

Spending quality time together, away from distractions, is absolutely integral to a successful marriage, and this is the very reason why many celebrity marriages simply don’t work out. Like any other couple, had Tom and Katie been able to make alone time (with each other) a higher priority, their marriage might not have come to an end. This resulted in Tom Cruise Katie Holmes marriage ending.

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