It’s awfully close to Christmas, and even with gifts wrapped and stockings stuffed, even with all the meals planned and in-laws accounted for, you can still give a gift to your spouse that will mean the world.

…And it won’t cost you a penny.

That’s right, the most impactful and heartfelt gift you can give this year is your gratitude.

Taking the time to show your appreciation in a direct and specific way will do far more than just brighten your spouse’s day – it can help them see the relationship through your eyes, help them understand how much it means to you, and fill them with a sense of pride and purpose that lasts throughout the year!

The best gift you can get your spouse this Christmas isn't what you think.

The best gift you can get your spouse this Christmas isn't what you think.

Too many couples just settle into their marriages without ever stopping to consider how it positively influences their lives. Or, even if they do think about it, they rarely take the time to tell each other!

This holiday season, take some time to really think about all of the good things in your marriage. To share these thoughts with your spouse, write them a letter detailing the things you think of.

This is your chance to describe your love, to thank your spouse for making you feel safe, to praise their parenting skills, to let them know how much you love that thing they do in the bedroom, how it makes you feel to wake up next to them everyday, or anything else you may want to include!

The whole point is to let your spouse know, with no amount of uncertainty, that you cherish and appreciate the qualities they bring into your life.

A handwritten letter is something they can keep, and if things are getting rough, you can both refer back to it to remind yourselves of the depth of your relationship. In the process of writing your letter, you’ll also have the chance to choose your words carefully. This means you can be as artistic as you want, as detailed as you want, and have the opportunity to write things down that you might not quite be able to say in person.

This is a gift that will fill your spouse with joy. Unlike some knickknack or a piece of clothing, this is truly a present from the heart. You’re not giving them an object, but it’s something they can carry with them everywhere they go – and will ultimately bring you closer together.

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