The Academy Awards and Your Marriage

The 89th Academy Awards are coming up quick! The 2017 ceremony will be held on February 26th, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. The annual awards show will honor achievements in film, feature performances, and be a star-studded evening full of some of the most talented people in entertainment!

Ok, we probably all know what to expect out of the Oscars… And even if it’s one of your favorite events of the year, what does it have to do with your marriage?

Well, if you keep up with this blog, you know how often we stress the importance of spending time together – and this is a chance to take a special event and make it even more special for you and your spouse!

You can turn the Oscars into something to participate in, not just watch on TV… Here are a few ideas:

Make watching the Academy Awards more fun with your spouse this year!
Make watching the Academy Awards more fun with your spouse this year!

1. Make Some Wagers

Pick your favorites to be the winner of categories of your choice, and make some friendly bets! The wagers can be whatever you want – freedom from chores, dinner duties, favors in the bedroom – get creative!

Write down your picks and set your terms before the show, and be prepared to pay up if you don’t win!

2. Fancy Party

If the attendees are getting all dressed up for the red carpet, you can too! This is a fun reason to break out your best clothes, and get all kinds of fancy for an Oscar party. If you feel up to it, you can host a gathering with other couples you know, ask everyone to get fancy, and sip champagne while you discuss the finer points of the nominated films.

If nothing else, it’s a chance to socialize with other couples and each other, and enjoy the eye candy of your spouse dressed their best!

3. Film Dates

The Academy Awards are also a chance to take note of some of the year’s best movies – and each and every one of them is a reason to snuggle up to your spouse and enjoy a quality film!

If you have a chance before the awards, watch a few of the nominations that seem the most interesting to you. Or you can watch the Oscars together, and agree to watch the movies that win each category!

Spend the time to watch the movies, of course, but take it a step further and discuss what you liked, what you thought of the acting, the writing, the music, the cinematography, and so on! Take this time to be a film critic!

Not only do you get the intimate time together watching the movies, you also get the “intellectual” and conversational time together talking about them. They’re likely to be some of the most interesting movies of the year – so your selection of the best material has already been made for you!

The Oscars don’t have to just be a TV show. You can make it into something special for you and your spouse to enjoy!

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Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart, co-Founders,

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