Sex is a little bit different in every marriage. There is no “right” amount or frequency that will work for every couple, and since we all have varying needs and desires, no two sexual relationships will be exactly the same. A marriage with no sexual activity, however, puts couples at risk for drifting apart, reduced

Labor day exists to recognize the people who keep the gears of daily life cranking away – the folks get up every morning to keep the world operating. In celebration of their (your) contributions to society, we get a chance to take a three-day weekend, and hopefully get some time in to relax. Now, even

No, I don’t mean in the bedroom, though that doesn’t hurt either! I’m talking about putting the shoe on the other foot, imagining an experience or situation through the eyes of your spouse. Now, we have to understand that we all have our own shortcomings, that we can only truly see the world from our

Most couples think sex is a pretty big deal, and rightfully so. In fact, problems surrounding sex and affection are some of the more common issues that couples face. We know that it’s a sensitive subject, but it doesn’t have to be! Communicating about sex and intimacy is something we’ve stressed in the past. Every

A recent survey by the U.S. Travel Association has found that couples who travel together see significant benefits to the quality of their relationship – including improvements to their sex life. Traveling doesn’t have to mean that you go on an extravagant trip to Paris or a tropical island, it can also mean driving an

You know that 80 year old couple that’s dancing at the wedding that clearly adore each other and still look madly in love.  Well, those people will tell you that they were not madly in love everyday for the last 60 years.  In fact, there were many times when they wanted to toss their partner

Mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and as easy as it is to look past the little things, ongoing mistakes in behavior can threaten the foundations of your marriage, and even lead to its collapse! Here are six common mistakes that women often make in their marriages:   1.    Unclear Expectations  One of the

Want to turn her on? Head to Home Depot. Some surveys have shown that the way to a woman’s bed, er, heart is through her “honey-do” list. In fact, according to a recently conducted survey, 12 percent of women prefer their men to be good at do-it-yourself projects rather than skilled between the sheets! Of

Feeling like your love life could use a boost? Give your relationship a holiday! Have you ever noticed that when we go on vacation it is often easier to “get it on?” The truth is vacations often provide us with the opportunity to escape from all the things that stress us out when we’re at

Are you unsatisfied with the sex in your marriage? Do you want more or better sex?  Do you just want to be wanted? Is the romance gone? Timing and Environment Sets the Mood   We talked in our November blog post: “What Turns a Woman On” about a woman’s arousal process and that most women