Summer is Here! Step Out With Your Love!

With the sun shining and the grill cooking, summer afternoons are some of the most enjoyable times of the year. Spending time with friends and family (especially your spouse) with no agenda but good times and building connection is a luxury of free days and beautiful weather.

A way to make it even more fun? Playing outdoor games!

Get outside with your spouse this Summer!
Get outside with your spouse this Summer!

The options are numerous of course, and you may already have favorites. Some of the most popular (and easiest to buy or make) yard games include: bags, ladder ball, bocce, washers, horseshoes, badminton, and the like. There are also variations on other games – like giant Jenga, giant-sized beer pong (use big plastic trashcans and volleyballs), or giant ring toss!

Of course, the old standby of playing catch with a baseball and mitts, a football, or a frisbee is a great way to get a little exercise and enjoy the nice weather!

These are just a few of the options, and you can always get creative and make up your own! Think about combining equipment you already have or making a game out of an otherwise “pointless” activity (like a slip-n-slide, squirt gun fights, etc.).

You can also take indoor games out into the yard just to soak up some sun! Bring your Ping-Pong table outside and host a neighborhood tournament. Invite another couple over for a mid-afternoon board game session (outside).

If you don’t have any games, most “big box” stores will have a selection of pre-made ladder ball and bags (sometimes called cornhole) sets, as well as a variety of other outdoor-type games. Go browse around and see if any leap out at you!

The whole point is to have some carefree fun in the fresh summer air. It doesn’t really matter what game or games you play, as long as you’re having fun with your spouse and enjoying the good weather! Many of these games are also an excuse to move around, and that will make you both feel your best!

It’s all about fun in the sun – so pick some games and forget all the things you need to get done. Take the time to enjoy yourself. Summer won’t last all year!

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