Real Help for Real Marriages

After 17 years of marriage, kids, and inevitable changes in their lives, Gabriela and Rafael were at a dead-end, or so they thought. Rafael didn’t want anything to do with marriage counseling, and while the couple wasn’t considering a divorce, they really felt like they were in a rut.

Then Gabriela found, and everything changed! For Rafael, watching a video with his wife, in the privacy of their home, was a much better solution than seeking a physical marriage counselor. Admitting problems to strangers (even therapists) can be a big challenge for men, but he was willing to watch Dr. Dana’s videos right away.

With the advice from the videos, the couple was able to rekindle the spark that brought them together. Gabriela says, “It’s like we’re boyfriend and girlfriend again!”

Are you having trouble in your marriage? Is that spark missing from your relationship? As you can tell from success stories like this, the right advice and the right communication can get your relationship back on track, no matter how bad the current state might be.

For more information on how to get your marriage on making your relationship its best without office visits, check out our webinar, 5 Secrets to Save Your Marriage today!

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