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The idea of creating happiness is a bit of a tough cookie… On one hand, we all need to be responsible for our own moods and thoughts. It’s up to each and every one of us to take control and find the elements that make up our unique, individual happiness.

On the other hand, we should also be making efforts to provide a happy environment for our spouses, doing the things that make each other happy and make the marriage a pleasant, fun, fulfilling relationship to be in!

Unfortunately, too many of us get caught up in the first part, and don’t pay much attention to the other. This is ultimately a selfish way to look at the world, and when you’re only thinking of yourself, you might not even consider the things you’re doing to disrupt the harmony of your marriage.

To help you think more about how you can contribute to your wife’s happiness (and ultimately, make your life happier in the process), here are four tips that are virtually guaranteed to make your wife happy:

1. Stop and Think

When you’re feeling edgy or irritated, or even in everyday conversation with your wife, stop and think before you speak! Most of the snappy, mean, or dismissive things we say just get blurted out before we have a chance to think about how they might affect the situation (and the relationship). If only we’d take a moment to stop to contemplate what we’re about to say, we could likely avoid conflict and keep things on an even keel!

Kindness is easy if we’re self-aware. Don’t let impatient or snappy words just tumble out of your mouth. Think about what you say, and say exactly what you mean!

2. Take Some Action

Your actions define you even more than your words. One of the biggest issues couples have is thinking that the other person isn’t contributing enough around the house, isn’t proactive enough in their career, etc. – essentially critiquing each other’s actions. This isn’t necessarily the right thing to do, but it’s reality – so what better way to counteract the issue than with action!

When you see something around the house that needs taking care of, just take care of it! Instead of flopping down to watch TV, tackle a project or work on a new skill.

Above all, just be proactive! Your wife will not only appreciate your contributions and accomplishments, she’ll also be inspired to do more herself!

3. Back Off

We often make the mistake of thinking that whenever our spouse is upset, it’s got something to do with us. There are so many other factors that can affect your wife’s mood – work, kids, problems with friends, the list is endless… If she says it isn’t you, believe her!

Because of this common mistake, though, we might press the issue, not take our spouse’s word for it, or even make them more upset by not giving them the space they need to sort things out. Learn the difference between problems you can help with and problems you can’t, and when the situation calls for it (or when your wife asks you to), just back off!

4. Listen and Ask

Communication is a critical part of every relationship. Some people (especially men) make the mistake, however, of thinking that “communicating” is something set aside for hashing out problems, for discussing the relationship… For “serious talk.”

In reality, good communication is like a thread that should run through every aspect of the relationship, from boring stuff like finances and groceries, to fun and lighthearted joking around, to serious marriage discussion, to honest (even exposing) talks about fears, hopes, and dreams.
To do this, ask questions and listen! Not only will it help you get to know one another on an even deeper level, as well as strengthen your connection, it will also give your wife a little bit of an ego boost if you’re intently curious on what she has to say.

As with so much of our advice and information, this stuff really applies to both husbands and wives. Making an effort to keep your spouse happy, regardless of what you’re doing specifically, means that you’re focusing on the marriage! Your spouse also has to participate in creating their own happiness, but you can help!

If this is something you’re both focused on, the marriage is likely to be an awful lot happier.

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Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart, co-Founders,

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