Marriage Advice Halloween Treat For Your Marriage

Most of us were raised to believe that Halloween was just for kids, right?  If that’s the case, why then do men consistently dress up as dashing pirates, barbaric cavemen, or brave superheroes and why do women dress up as bawdy bar-wenches, damsels in distress and, let’s be honest, sexy call-girls?  The answer?  All of us have an active and healthy fantasy life – secret ways that we see ourselves.  Halloween gives us an excuse to live those fantasies for just one night.

So you’ve probably guessed by now where we, The Good Witches of Marriage, are headed with this.  We encourage you, no, we command you to let yourself go, indulge in one (or more) of your alter-egos on this special night.   Say to yourself “Heck no, Halloween is not just for kids!”  It’s an opportunity to spice things up in your relationship and have some good old-fashioned grown-up fun.

So go ahead, cast a spell of excitement and passion and give your spouse (and yourself) a Halloween Treat!

Wishing you a night of romance and fantasy!  Happy Halloween!

P.S.  This does not have to be elaborate, or complicated.  Most of us have a muscle shirt and/or a short skirt that we can put on to light up the night.

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