5 Date Ideas for May

The weather just keeps on getting better! The days grow longer, the air gets warmer, and all the while, you have numerous opportunities to spend quality time connecting with your spouse. Here are a few ideas for great dates this May:

1. Nature Hike

With spring in the air, it’s one of the best times of year to get out and enjoy nature’s beauty. As long as you don’t have terrible allergies, you can enjoy the budding trees, the emerging wildlife, and the serenity of the natural world. Dress for the weather, head out to a state park or forest preserve, and go exploring!

There are plenty of fun date ideas for the month of May!
There are plenty of fun date ideas for the month of May!

2. Outdoor Lunch

Instead of a dinner date, plan an afternoon lunch at a place with outdoor seating. If you can, choose a sunny day and place with light, refreshing food. Bask in the breeze while you chat and enjoy a light lunch, and if you have to go back to work, you’ll likely feel refreshed and connected – and looking forward to the evening together!

3. Yard Sale Hunting

As people start spring cleaning, May becomes yard sale season! Saturdays are often best, but check local listings and keep your eyes peeled for signs. You and your spouse can have a ton of fun checking out antiques, basking in nostalgia as you see people’s old toys and movie collections… And you just might find a treasure you didn’t know you were looking for!

4. Baseball Game

Baseball season is here, and even if you aren’t a sports fan, going to a game can be a ton of fun. Indulge in beer and concessions, root along for the team of your choosing, and let yourself get wrapped up in the excitement. You can even make friendly wagers with your spouse (even the kind payable in the bedroom!).

5. Try A Music Festival

Music Festivals come in all shapes and sizes – from family events to round the clock parties, spanning all different types of music, and ranging from single afternoons to multiple days… Find one that seems your speed and go explore! You can “people watch,” enjoy some new music, and get lost with your spouse in a sea of happy people!

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