Why Wedding Season Is Good For Your Marriage

Summer is upon us, and that means that the weekends will likely be filled with wedding celebrations. It’s just that time of year!

And while it might be a bit of a pain (and a financial burden) to attend the weddings of your friends, family, friends’ kids, and so on – from travel expenses to gift buying – there’s a great deal of upsides to wedding season if you approach the events the right way!

Now, these benefits are for both of you – meaning that it doesn’t really work unless you’re attending these weddings as a couple. Here are some of the best things wedding season can do for your marriage:

1. Flashback

You can’t help but think about your own wedding day while in the midst of celebrating someone else’s. As you and your spouse are watching the newlyweds exchange vows, you’ll flash back to when you were doing the very same, hopefully one of the happiest and most exciting moments of your life!

Wedding season can actually be good for your marriage!
Wedding season can actually be good for your marriage!

You’ll be reminded of a time when you were madly in love, looking forward to your future together, with nothing but high hopes and a clean slate ahead of you! No matter what may be happening in your present marriage, the two of you can fondly remember your wedding day together, and agree to get back to those feelings of being so close – and so excited to be together.

2. Date Night!

Wedding receptions are some of the best parties to attend. Spirits are high, the dress is fancy, and there’s usually a dance floor! You and your spouse can get dressed to the nines and use the wedding party as a chance to sip champagne and boogie the night away!

Because weddings tend to be such happy affairs, it’ll be hard not to get in the fun-loving mood. Make a point to connect, dance, and laugh your way through the event. You’ll come home feeling close and connected – and maybe a little frisky too!

3. A Glimmer of Hope

With so much trouble in the world (we can’t help but see it all over the news), weddings are a nice reminder that there is still love to be found, that things are going well in some corners, that people can be happy, that there’s hope to be had!

We come together to celebrate love and commitment, and in those blissful moments, we can take a break from our own problems – and the much larger issues going on around the globe.

The same is true if the troubles you face most directly are those within your marriage. Even if you’ve been fighting or disconnected… If you’ve become jaded because of the other failing relationships around you… If you feel light years away from a time you were happily married…

These moments remind you of what’s possible, and all that’s right with the world.

4. The Institution

Marriage, as an idea, is far bigger than you or I. Throughout history, couples have pledged themselves to one another, promising to stay together through thick and thin, to spend the rest of their lives as one entity greater than the sum of its parts.

When you and your spouse attend a wedding, it’s a reason to reflect on the promises you’ve made and the weight they carry. If you’ve been growing apart lately, or just feeling less than enthusiastic about the relationship, this can be a healthy reminder that you agreed to be in it for the long haul – and that only the two of you can control the quality and happiness of your relationship.

The celebrations (large or small) are partly rooted in standing in front of friends and family to say, “this is the person I choose.” This is a chance to double down on that choice, and by doing so, commit to making your marriage the best it can be – it’s supposed to be for life, after all!

For all of these reasons and more, wedding season can be fantastic for your marriage – so indulge a little! Let yourself soak up the loving, exciting atmosphere of nuptial celebrations. Take the time to reflect on your own marriage – whether it’s been 5 years or 50 – and consider whether you’re still holding to true to the promises you made on your wedding day.

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Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart, co-Founders, StrongMarriageNow.com

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