A Big Lesson From Celebrity Affairs

When you think about high profile couples, things like “stability” and “longevity” don’t often jump to mind. Instead, we see the tabloid headlines, the scandals, and all of the ups and downs that can come along with fame and fortune.

Now, there are a few important things to note here. First, the relationship problems so commonly associated with Hollywood and famous people are NOT exclusive to the wealthy or high profile. Being in the public eye can definitely add pressure to a relationship, but fights, affairs, communication issues, and so on are risks for every couple, not just the ones you see on TV.

You can learn some things from how celebrity marriages stay together.
You can learn some things from how celebrity marriages stay together.

These kinds of problems arise because of circumstances within the relationship itself. Sure, there might be “more temptation” for movie stars, more opportunities to grow apart as musicians and athletes travel the world… But still, relationships of all kinds thrive on the same basic ideas of communication, trust, and time spent together.

It’s also important to note that we can learn a great deal about resilience and fighting through marital issues from these celebrity couples. We may think it’s embarrassing to be seen with our spouse after an affair, or find it difficult to explain to family members what’s going on. These high profile couples, however, practically have to share their personal business with the whole world!

Sure, there are plenty of couples (married or dating) that go through public breakups, but what about the celebrities who stick it out despite the odds, the cameras, and all of the magazines forming their own opinions? Couples like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and perhaps even more famously, Bill and Hilary Clinton, have had huge public scandals, faced massive scrutiny in the media, and still, despite everything stacked against them, stayed committed to one another.

That’s the biggest lesson here – that many couples can get through the worst times, including affairs, no matter how “high profile” they might be. If they can commit to rebuilding their marriages with the cameras flashing, through criticism from people they don’t know, through all of the obstacles that come with public life… Then you can too!

The point is that these couples stayed focused on their marriages, working to rebuild trust and move forward regardless of the outside pressures around them.

Doing the same won’t be easy for you – but it is possible. You and your spouse can turn inward to one another, and if you’re willing to make it work, you can fight through any negativity from your friends and family, community, church, or whoever else might be trying to prevent you from working through your issues. The choice is up to the two of you – and no one else!

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