What to Do When You Want More Sex Than Your Husband

Every once in a while, I run into a woman who wants way more sex than her husband does. As you can imagine there can be many reasons for this. He may feel uncomfortable with his body, he may have the lower libido, he may be experiencing a medical issue, or he may simply be feeling like he’s not doing a good enough job pleasing you. Many men will avoid sex altogether rather than feel like a failure in bed. As you can imagine, this is an incredibly touchy issue. Most men are remarkably reluctant to talk about sex if they’re the ones not having it.

In fact, talking to men about this will almost always shut them down. They rarely can be approached directly. If you determine that your husband is reluctant to talk about sex, first try going around the issue. If you suspect that he’s uncomfortable with his weight, start including brisk walks in your date nights and family time together. If you’re worried that he might have a medical problem, encourage him to get his yearly physical and pray that the doctor asks him the right questions. And if you get the impression that he’s avoiding sex because he feels like a failure, go to great lengths to acknowledge his every success both in and out of the bedroom. Supporting him in this more subtle way may make him feel more safe, comfortable and passionate in the bedroom.

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Debbie Turner 13 years ago

The article would be helpful to some, as a general, standard form. Sent on wanting more sex, than husband. But, my question was more in depth that the contents. I ask if my husband was taking an excess amount of percocet (pain killer) and, has stints in his heart. Is it possible that the problem is the amount of percocet allowing his desire to be numbed. He blames the stints. Which are approximately 10 years old for his 0 desire. I am 49yrs. old and he 56yrs. we have had 0 amount of affection and 0 times of making Love in 14 months. Do you know if the painkillers could cause the lack of desire? As, I suspect another woman.

Frederic Zaxas 13 years ago

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