Shania Twain Marriage: What do Valerie Bertinelli, Shania Twain and Carlos Santana have in common?

Are you curious to know what Valerie Bertinelli, Shania Twain and Carlos Santana have in common?  They just got married!  Do you think their marriages will last?  We sure hope so but what’s it going to take?

5 Vital Secrets to Make a Marriage Last

What are your secrets to a happy marriage?
Please tell us.

Dr. Dana and Amy

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Azard 11 years ago

it seems to me like you're the only one working on the mrraiage. he, on the other hand has stopped being intimate with you, has moved out, and is still seeing his mistress of two years.meanwhile, you are sitting here in limbo. you can certainly suggest couples counseling. my guess is that he either won't go or will simply go through the motions of going. personally, i would quietly start contacting lawyers and planning your end game. this man has been treating you like garbage for two years. why should you have to sit waiting around for him to change? it also sounds like he might be simply waiting for the time to be right (or the kids to turn 18) to dump you for the mistress.