Your Survey Results:  Here’s What You Want To Know

We’ve had such a great year helping couples and families and have received incredibly valuable feedback from you.  So we’re excited to give you even more great counseling information. Last week, many of you graciously completed a survey letting us know the solutions that you’re most interested in.
Here’s the ranking of the topics:

Marriage/Relationships:  Working On Your Marriage On Your Own 65.5%
Marriage/Relationships:  How To Fall Back In Love 64.2%
Marriage/Relationships:  How To Get Your Spouse To Listen To You 55.2%
Marriage/Relationships:  Keeping The Romance Alive 54.5%
Marriage/Relationships:  Dealing With An Angry Spouse 52.1%
Marriage/Relationships:  Rekindling Intimacy In A Sexless Marriage 47.3%
Individual Issues:  How To End The Stress and Be Happy 46.1%
Marriage/Relationships:  How To Protect Your Marriage From An Affair 42.4%
Individual Issues:  How To Know If You’re Depressed And How To Heal 40.0%
Marriage/Relationships:  Dealing With An Emotional Affair 38.2%
Marriage/Relationships:  Stop The Fighting For Good 37.0%
Marriage/Relationships:  How To Survive an Affair 36.4%
Marriage/Relationships:  Heating It Up In The Bedroom 35.2%
Marriage/Relationships:  How To End Your Spouse’s Affair 33.9%
Individual Issues:  Managing Anger 33.3%
Individual Issues:  How To Get Off The Anxiety Train 31.5%
Marriage/Relationships:  Why Do They Cheat? 28.5%
Parenting:  Creating A Family Code – The Importance Of Values, Responsibilities and Routines 28.5%
Individual Issues:  Weight Loss: It’s Not About The Diet.  What’s Really Getting In Your Way 26.1%
Individual Issues:  Productive Grief:  Healing The Pain 24.2%
Marriage/Relationships:  Ending The Conflict Over Sex 23.0%
Marriage/Relationships:  How To Know If You’re Being Abused 21.8%
Parenting:  The Lost Art of Manners:  How To Raise Kind, Compassionate Children 20.0%
Marriage/Relationships:  Doing Divorce Right 17.6%
Parenting:  Successfully Blending Families 15.2%
Marriage/Relationships:  How To Be Happily Married To Your ADHD Spouse 13.9%
Parenting:  How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex 13.9%
Parenting:  Connecting With Your Angry Teenager 13.3%
Parenting:  Easy Loving Bedtime 12.7%
Marriage/Relationships:  Dealing With An Addicted Spouse 12.1%
Parenting:  Are you Losing Your Kid To Electronics?  The Proper Place For Video Games / TV / Computers In Your Kid’s Lives 12.1%
Individual Issues:  Hate Your Career?  What To Do About It 12.1%
Parenting:  Protecting Your Children From The Dangers Of The Internet 11.5%
Parenting:  Ending Sibling Rivalry And Regain Peace 10.9%
Parenting:  Stop The Bullying.  How To Protect Your Child 9.7%
Parenting:  Ending The Homework Hassle 7.3%
Parenting:  Fighting Obesity:  Helping Your Child Live A Healthy Active Life 7.3%
Parenting:  Patiently Parenting The ADHD Child 5.5%
Parenting:  Dealing With Teenage Drug Use 4.2%
Parenting:  Parenting Your Special Needs Child 3.6%


Ok, That’s what you want to know about.  Here’s the results on how you want to learn about it:


Online Video 64.2%
Email 63.6%
DVD 33.9%
Print Book 32.7%
eBook 26.1%
One-on-one personal interaction 23.6%
Webinar 23.0%
MP3 on smart phone or ipod 21.2%
Blog/Article 20.0%
CD 14.5%
In-person live event 13.3%
Kindle / Nook Book 12.7%
Audio Book 9.7%
Hard Copy Magazine 7.9%
Telephone Conference 4.8%
Teleseminar 3.0%


And finally, here’s what you told us about the pace and structure you enjoy:

A little at a time – following a structured learning plan 46.3%
A little at a time – at your own pace 37.8%
All at once 15.9%


Thank you so much for all the comments and questions that you entered into the survey as well.  We’re reading it all over very carefully and will use that information to develop the specific solutions that you asked for.


Thanks again for sharing your opinion!  Please comment on the article and let us know what you think about the results!


For any of you that haven’t seen Dr. Dana’s awesome video where she shares tons of great marriage saving advice as well as her own (slightly embarrassing) personal marriage story, we hope you check it out…



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