Relationship Advice: Can People Change In A New Relationship?  Get Dr. Dana’s Video Answer

We are excited to announce the launch of a new video blog series “Dr. Dana Answers Your Questions.”  This week’s question is from Regina and she asks: “Can people change when they start a new relationship? Isn’t it true that if you don’t give yourself enough time to heal and learn from your mistakes you will fall into the old pattern again in the new relationship?”

Please comment below the video to ask your own questions or just to let us know what you think. We’re frequently shooting new videos on relationship advice and will answer the top questions as part of this ongoing series.


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Glenda 11 years ago

For those of you who got back with an ex who cheated on you or vise versa?What was it like?Could you trust them easliy?Did it work out?Were kids involved??My Ex Fiance of 5 1/2 years cheated on me with the NEIGHBOR. My heart was totally broken .. So many nights I didn't know if I wanted to throw up or just cry. I wanted to die with this girl and she just betrayed me. We have a kid together, who is two. I told myself i'm over her and i do believe i am to an extent. I told myself way before this happen i'd never go back to a cheater..i don't want to either because i can't trust her at all. this happen nearly 7 months ago.she has been telling me over and over how much she Truly regret everything and how much she hates her self and she wishes she could go back and fix everything and that she wants to work everything out, shes been telling me this for about 6 months.have any of you ever got back with oen what was it like?I