Kelly Ripa Celebrates Her 17th Wedding Anniversary

TV producer, talk show host, and former soap opera star Kelly Ripa just celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary with husband and former co-star Mark Consuelos on the first of May.

The two celebs, never known for public scandals or marital drama, are among seemingly few people who make it work, despite the pressures of media attention and the overwhelming schedule of a famous life. Kelly and Mark were married in 1996, when they were both just 25 years old, in an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas.

Despite all of the factors that make it seem like maybe this marriage wouldn’t work out – young, popular celebrities, no engagement, Vegas wedding, and a long, lucrative careers – this couple has defied the Hollywood odds, and remain happily together (and with three beautiful children to boot)!

Kelly even tweeted a grainy photo of the young couple standing at typical, Vegas-looking altar on their wedding day in 1996!

Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos in a Vegas chapel on May 1, 1996.

In a world where we see far too many high-profile breakups and bitter divorces, it’s touching to see that couples can make it – even couples who met through show business!

While we can’t claim to know just what has kept them so happily married over the years, part of their bond is rooted in the support they provide for one another, and accepting that it’s ok to argue about the little things sometimes – as long as you know that it’s just about those “little things.”

This past April, Kelly told People Magazine, “I don’t think you get past the little pet peeves.”

That doesn’t stop her from loving her husband though, and they pair understands that little annoyances can cause tension, but they aren’t the end of the world. “I love everything about him,” she said, “even his annoying habits.”

Letting the little things slide, or perhaps more importantly, remembering that you can have arguments about little things without taking away from your love and support for another, is the hallmark of a strong marriage.

About her marriage with Mark, Kelly said, “We’re secure with each other. I don’t feel like if we have an argument, it will be the end of our lives.”

Kelly and Mark are a shining example of how Hollywood marriages can remain successful, and from the looks of it, it all comes down to devotion to each other.

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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