How do I get my marriage back on track?

We’ve all heard about how 50% of marriages fail in the United States. But, are you curious as to why? Two thirds of divorces are initiated by women and the most common complaint that women have about their marriage is that their spouse doesn’t pay enough attention to them.
After a few years of marriage, many couples fall into a routine of taking care of the kids, working, running errands and don’t spend time connecting as man and a woman. This is at the heart of many relationship problems.

So what do you do about it?

Spend Time Alone Together. The average married couple can spend as little as one hour per week alone together. The average couple with kids, sometimes none. The average couple having an affair spend 15 hours a week alone together! Think about that. How do they find the time?

To keep your marriage happy and on the right track, spend at least 8 hours alone together per week.

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