Fall Back In Love With Your Spouse – Part 2

In our last entry, we listed some of the ways you can work toward rebuilding your connection to your spouse. These ongoing practices are relatively simple to build into your daily life, and will have big results on how you feel about each other.

Today, we’re going over a few more tips for falling back in love, even if you’ve grown apart over the years. Let’s get right into it.

1. Flirt Often

Maintain sexual desire can be a challenge after you’ve been married for years and years. One great way to keep the fun and anticipation alive is to flirt often, and all day. This means being sweet and flirty as you part ways for work in the morning, sending flirty texts over the course of the day, kissing and fooling around even if it doesn’t lead to the bedroom, and so on.

This way, “foreplay” can last all day – or even days at a time… Helping you keep each other at the front of your minds, and looking forward to one another’s affections all throughout the day and week.

2. Work It Out

Exercise and fitness are great for so many reasons. It helps you have more energy, boosts self-esteem, makes you look and feel better, strengthens sex drive, and on and on…

It can be tough to develop the habits of regular exercise, but you can support one another if you tackle the challenge together! Not only will you enjoy all of the individual benefits of this healthy activity, you’ll also grow together as a couple. You can help keep each other motivated, be the voice of encouragement when things get tough, and if nothing else, it’s that much more quality time spent together!

It’s ok to start small here, but make getting some exercise (together if possible) a priority. It will impact your life in so many positive ways!

3. Speak Up

If something’s bothering you, speak up! This doesn’t mean complaining at every turn, but rather making it clear to your spouse that the marriage is important, and that you’re willing to address things that need fixing to make it better for both of you. This also includes being willing to receive some criticism, and being open to looking inward for ways to improve the relationship.

The point is build an open channel of communication where both the good and bad things are addressed without causing major ups and downs in how you treat each other!

4. Get Real

This might be a tough one to take to heart, but you’ve got to have realistic expectations for each other and the marriage as a whole. You’re not living in a sitcom or romantic movie… There are going to be ups and downs. Neither of you are perfect. There will be bad moods, illness, stressful times, and we might not always be totally satisfied by every moment together. That’s ok! In fact, that’s REAL!

A strong marriage is about weathering the good and the not-so-good. Recognizing that you’re both human beings with flaws and opinions and off days is going to help you worry less when things aren’t perfect. You’ll be more realistic about the good times and the bad, and armed with that perspective, you’ll be that much more motivated to make things as good as they can be, to support each other on bad days, and to work through struggles together.

Ideally, you’ll incorporate these things into your actions toward one another, but perhaps more importantly, into the way you view your marriage in a general way. Understand that it takes effort to maintain a strong relationship, but that once you’re in motion on the right track, it’s quite easy to keep it going! Get started today!

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Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart, co-Founders, <a href=”https://www.strongmarriagenow.com”>StrongMarriageNow.com </a>

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