What do Dr. Oz and Dr. Dana have in common?

Want to know what Dr. Oz and Dr. Dana have in common? They’re both featured experts on RealAge.com, a site that’s dedicated to helping you live your life to the youngest. RealAge just launched their Fall-in-Love center and Dr. Dana is their featured love expert. You can take a Marriage Test and get a marriage grade on how well you rate on the 7 essential Marriage Success Skills Dr. Dana teaches in our StrongMarriageNow System:

Establishing Ground Rules for the Marriage

  • Spending Quality Time Alone Together
  • Communicating and Understanding Each Other
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Agreeing on Money Issues
  • Fairly Dividing Responsibilities
  • Having a Satisfying and Healthy Sex Life

You can also see Dr. Dana’s free videos on RealAge.com. Check out Dr. Dana on the RealAge Fall in Love Center.

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