Change Your Life – Listen in with Dr. Dana and Amy on the Leah Jantzen Show

Want to feel empowered and inspired to change your life? Leah Jantzen, the host of the
Leah Jantzen Radio show, is a Life and Business coach who empowers people to make profound
changes in their lives.

Listen to Leah interview Dr. Dana and Amy LIVE on her radio show on:
Monday, November 7th, 2011
at 10:00 AM EST/7:00 AM PST

We’ll be talking about our StrongMarriageNow story and how we’re working together to save a million marriages.

Listen In and Change Your Life

or dial: 1-877-864-4869 to listen on your phone

Mark your calendar today…


Dr. Dana and Amy

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Vishal 11 years ago

After a long relationship that ended when it palbrboy shouldn't have, I need help getting her back?So I'm new to the forum but would appreciate any help I can get. I'm 17. I've been dating the same girl since I was 15 and she was 14. In our two years, we grew incredibly close. We rarely fought and were incredibly in love, at least within the limtis of the comprehensive abilities of a 17 year. We've grown a lot together and were always pretty reliant on each other. She went through some majorly hard times with her family that I helped her through, and she's hepled me in similar ways. We're both what I like to think is very mature, and we both have very high test scores and GPA's, just to signify that I'm not in fact another heartbroken kid with no grasp of love. Anyway, over the last couple of months, the spark in our relationship- that little feeling of amazement most prevalent at events such as a first kiss- faded away. I realize that this will happen in any relationship and that real, time developed love means a lot more, but she didn't get this. I think that more than anything, we just became too comfortable or lazy with each other. She broke up with me about a week ago, though she was extremely upset. I'm fairly confident that we'll always have a potential to do extremely well together, so I'm asking for advice on getting her back. At that time, I know what to do, but actually convincing her to date me again is a larger hurdle. So far, here is my plan of action, in chronological order:- Give her a letter saying that I'm sorry about how it ended, but that we should keep our distance for a while to have some time to think-Don't talk to her for around a week-Don't appear needy or desperate, and don't text her.-After a week, ask if she wouldn't mind hanging out (I don't think this will be an issue)-For our first hangout, I just plan on doing something fun that we did right before we started dating. I won't bring up the break up, and I won't seem desperate or apologize for anything I may have done wrong. I'll just keep it light and make sure to have a good time, so that she can realize that she misses me/ who I was.-Talk lightly here or there for another week, but never about anything heavy.-After this, hang out again. Do something a little more obvious, and if it goes well, ask her to date me again.This is the game plan so far. I've talked to a few of her friends (the ones that like me), and this is the general consensus. Does this sound alright? On what principles should it work? How could it be improved and made stronger?I don't want to miss my chance, and I can't let her slip away. At the same time, I understand that I can't push her or be too blatant with my intentions. Thank you for your help. This is of paramount importance to me.