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Have you heard yourself saying “he’ll never change” or “she’ll never change?” This myth can prevent you from having a happy successful marriage.

This belief that people never change is totally untrue, in fact the opposite is true. People change all the time. It’s actually the one thing we can count on in life. Most of you wouldn’t be reading this article if one or both of you hadn’t changed; changed how you feel about each other, changed what you wanted out of life, changed how you treat each other. People change through out their lives. The question is how motivated are you to change for the better? And do you know how?

It’s important to learn how to make positive changes in your life, because a couple who is capable of adapting and growing and changing can weather almost all life throws at them.

Now, I want to tell you the difference between people who stay married and don’t stay married. The people who stay married are willing to work on it. They’re willing to change, to learn, to grow, to take risks and to take action. Basically, to do whatever it takes. Are you somebody who is willing to work on your marriage? Are you willing to change? If so, you’re well on your way to an amazing marriage.

Now, we hear all the time that people will always go back to old habits. That’s true but only if they don’t learn a new way to do things and put those new skills into action. But, if your question is “can people change?” the answer is absolutely.

The trick to making change happen and making it last is to learn the new skill and practice it for 3 weeks or 21 times. There are countless research studies that confirm that practicing a new habit for 21 days or 21 times (i.e. if it’s a once a week change, it would take 21 weeks to ingrain the new behavior) significantly increases the likelihood the habit will last.

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