This year's People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive award went to Bradley Cooper.  It's easy to think that it’s not possible to be as sexy as "The Hangover" star, but all hope is not lost.  Keep in mind that the "sexiest" man is simply the one man a woman decides she wants to have sex with.  Good looks alone are just not enough to satisfy most women.  The real way to get to a woman's heart can be obtained by almost any man.

Want to know how to become the sexiest man alive?  It's easier than you might think!

Here are the top three things that women find irresistible:

1.  Feeling connected.  Most men and women approach sex differently.  Generally speaking, women want to feel a strong connection before engaging in a physically intimate relationship. While most men find that the physical act of sex itself helps them feel connected to their partner. When women feel connected, they typically desire more sex. What do I mean by “connected”?  Simply put, it's a sense of  personal closeness to her partner.  Making this happen requires genuine intimacy.  I'm not talking about sexual intimacy, I'm talking about showing your vulnerabilities to each other, spending time together, openly communicating, and sharing experiences.  The size of your muscles really don't have anything to do with being connected.

2.  Feeling wanted.  If you want your woman to find you powerfully sexy, you need to make her know that you DESIRE her.  This is a recurring theme in many romance stories, the man will be "burning with passion" for the leading lady.  There is a reason these types of stories have been best sellers for decades.

This goes further than just letting her know you want to have sex.  It is more important that she feels like you desire her specifically.  A frequent complaint I hear from women is that they feel like their spouse just wants to have sex, not that they want her explicitly.  This can be a major turn-off for many women.  While it is true that women can enjoy sex for sex's sake, the desire between the two parties is the key to being sexy to your partner.

Simply put, make your partner know that your sexual desires are DIRECTLY related to her, not just your wants.  While your woman may think that Bradley Cooper's stunning looks make him "sexy," it is your personal connection to her and your desire for her that truly turns her on.

3.  Being a Powerful Man.  No, not  just physical strength or a position of high ranking,  I'm talking about power over one's self.  One of the recurring themes in the winners of the "Sexiest Man Alive" award (aside from even tans and sharp jaw lines) is a sense of power.  One way to look powerful in your partner’s eyes is to be in control.  What do I mean by "in control"?

  • If you spend more nights at the bar drinking than home with your spouse, you are not in control.
  • If you can't keep your promises and commitments, you are not in control.
  • If you frequently loose your temper or get angry, you are not in control.

If you want a better personal connection, more desire, and a better sex life, start taking control!

To summarize, being the sexiest man alive has a lot more to do with what your woman thinks about you than how you appear physically.  This is good news, because you can change your behaviors, but changing your actual looks is obviously a bit harder.  Becoming the sexiest man alive is all about the impression one makes on their partner.  A man who communicates openly, has a good sense of humor, shows intelligence and occasionally does the dishes is much more likely to be sexy in a woman's eyes than a man who looks like a movie star.

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What do you think is sexy?  Please comment below!