7 Steps to Survive an Affair

Discover the 7 Steps to Survive an Affair in Dr. Dana’s amazingly helpful video. There is hope!

Spouse Checked Out?

Take the time right now to watch this additional marriage saving video from Dr. Dana.

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Check out the Success Stories from couples who have used the Strong Marriage Now System to save their marriages.

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You’ve just experienced a sample of Dr. Dana’s advice. She covers the 7 Marriage Success Skills in our StrongMarriageNow System, our proven step-by-step 7-week program designed to get you the marriage you really want. The System is a cutting-edge program that is different than anything else out there. This is the only Online Video Marriage Success System where you can watch online videos immediately on your computer. The best news is you don’t have to wait for 15 CD’s to arrive in the mail or pay thousands of dollars to see a therapist in their office. Instead, this program focuses on the key skills and information that when applied will…

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