St. Patrick’s day has become an American holiday of revelry. There are parades, pub crawls, themed parties, festivals, and so much more… Nearly every community has some kind of celebration, and it’s a great opportunity to cut loose with your spouse! Now, what we’re really getting at is “getting lucky” in the bedroom – but

Physical intimacy is a critical part of a romantic relationship. The fact is, biology plays a huge role in our love lives. Sex (and other forms of intimacy) is the difference between friends and lovers, and when our bodies feel connected, so do our hearts and minds! There’s a misconception that sex becomes less important

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! On this fun-filled holiday, we want to talk about getting lucky with your spouse – though perhaps more accurately, making your own luck in the bedroom!

You see, days like today offer the opportunity for some extra playfulness – and in turn, show you what an important element fun and games can be for your sex life. Days like St. Patrick’s Day are filled with parties and celebrations, parades, gaudy decorations, and high spirits pretty much everywhere you turn.