In a marriage, hiding the truth is never a good idea… and when it comes to money, technology is only making it more difficult to cover your tracks. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on the perils of hiding financial information from your spouse, consulting with divorce lawyers, accountants, and forensic experts about […]

All couples argue, but what are couples fighting about the most? According to a recent survey, money is the most common reason married or cohabiting couples fight. Of over 1,000 American adults polled in a national telephone survey, 27 percent of participants said that disagreements over finances were most likely to erupt into an argument […]

Money is a serious issue when it comes to your relationship.  The likelihood of divorce goes up dramatically If your partner thinks that you are spending money poorly.  How can you avoid falling into monetary relationship traps? Nancy Anderson from has some great advice for staying clear of the top five financial mistakes most […]

Lifehacker contributor, Melanie Pinola, sites four reasons why couples might grow apart and recommends possible strategies and resources to prevent that from happening. These Problems include examples of a relationship that has gone stale, a couple that has grown apart, and problems with intimacy or money. For each of these specific problems, Melanie recommends tools […]

Do you fight about money all the time? Do you resent each other even when you don’t talk about it? Do you feel as if you are no longer a team? Are you unsure what to do about this? Having a Marriage Plan Now it’s time to talk about money – an especially touchy subject, […]