In our last post, we dug into 10 tips for rekindling the spark of your marriage. These ideas can help you adjust your perspective, see the best in each other, and spend the quality time that is essential for a healthy, happy relationship. Today, let’s dive into 10 more. The more you can incorporate things […]

Over time, couples can drift apart if they aren’t actively working on their relationship. Feeling “out of love” can happen to us all, but fortunately, you can get things back on track! If you’re feeling disconnected, use these tips to rekindle the spark in your marriage. Be patient, and let these ideas bring you closer […]

In our last entry, we listed some of the ways you can work toward rebuilding your connection to your spouse. These ongoing practices are relatively simple to build into your daily life, and will have big results on how you feel about each other. Today, we’re going over a few more tips for falling back […]

Relationships change over time – that’s just a cold, hard fact. Sometimes they grow stronger, sometimes they drift apart, and sometimes they’re just… Different. There’s nothing wrong with an evolving marriage. It’s only natural. If you find that you’re drifting apart over the years, however, it’s time to take some action! There are steps you […]

In the first part of this post, we looked at 10 important ways you can help bring the spark back into your marriage. Today, we’re picking up right where we left off with 10 more tips for getting out of a slump, rekindling the passion in your marriage, and making your relationship the best it […]

As couples spend more and more time together, the dynamic of their relationship is bound to change. As the years go by, the unfortunate reality is that many couples grow complacent, so this natural change in the relationship isn’t just one of difference – the quality of the marriage actually declines. This is extremely common, […]